Do you have a construction project in the works that will require the use of a tower crane for elevated operational processes? Then look no further, you’re at the right place.

Kono Contracting offers simple and economical tower crane rentals in Dubai, as well as various forms of construction equipment solutions for construction projects.

We primarily provide rental of Potain tower cranes, which are recognized across the world for their lifting capacity, dependability, and unique designs.

Benefits of Tower Cranes
A tower crane is a regular sight on any major construction site. They can reach and ascend hundreds of feet in the air. The crane is used to hoist steel, concrete, big tools such as acetylene torches and generators, and a range of other construction materials.

Purchasing tower cranes is a massive investment that many businesses are hesitant to make. Renting one from a reputable rental company makes it more economical and much more convenient for smooth building operations.

Tower Crane
We provide tower crane rentals for a variety of project sites, including skyscraper construction. Because, when it comes to skyscrapers, no piece of building equipment is more fundamental than the Tower Crane
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