Kono Contracting provides adjustable metal and aluminum scaffolding rentals that allow you to reach almost anything. Let us help you put together the scaffolding that’s exactly perfect for your interior/exterior projects in UAE.

Whether your specialization is building, electric, maintenance, masonry, or you need to hire scaffolding for painting, steam cleaning, or sand blasting, we can provide rentals for you.

Our company provides scaffolding for rent with cuplock functionality at unmatched pricing and the best services. Big or small business? We have no issue. We cater to both sorts. We can develop the best plan for you based on your budget and demands.

Benefits of Scaffolding Rentals
We provide rental on a variety of aluminum and metal scaffolding from well-known manufacturers such as RMD, FFI, and Perry.

Aluminum scaffolding is the most often used material in the framing industry today. Most people in the construction industry prefer aluminum since it is the lightest in weight.

Steel scaffolding is the most durable type of scaffolding. Steel is preferred in areas where natural disasters are possible. Steel is also resistant to extreme weather conditions.

The adaptability for both is remarkable for interior/exterior projects and we provide construction cuplocks to ensure the scaffolding’s durability and robustness.

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